Tiny Homes Veterans Community
Tiny Homes Community to include a 5,000 sq. ft.Community Center, Green Technologies, and Holistic Programming
Arts Programming
Our Arts programming includes student, community and senior populations. Our goal is to create community art project to inspire people to reconnect to the arts. Many of our projects are very therapeutic and instill a sense of pride in our community.
Educational Programming
We are passionate about giving children access to resources and making educational programming fun taking in consideration that we all learn in different ways. We aim to inspire our youth.
BOB is working with local school districts to teach children how to grow produce, teaching healthy eating and green aspects that connect with bot Science and Math curriculums.
Our Beautification projects include side road gardens, litter pick-ups and cross over with our Arts programming.
Veteran Programming
BOB provides Holiday meals for the Vets and support for various projects and programming. We have served as Project Management for the Tiny Homes Community.
Housing Initiatives
BOB Project has been involved in a House Tour to promote uplifting communities and are involved in initiatives to create affordable housing.
Business Development
We have developed a platform to help businesses to thrive, providing support from the local community.
Sweet Charlotte
We believe in sharing positive community experiences and promoting community service. Sweet Charlotte travels around the world showcasing positive experiences with volunteers who are Bringing Out the Best.
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