Board of Directors

Shawn OMahony
Founder, President, CEO
Amanda Power
Vice President /
Art Director
Stephanie Strauss
EJ Milarski
Deborah Glasstetter
Kris Veenis
Video / Media Production
Kris is a Director of Photography, Editor and Producer. His worked can be viewed on Vimeo. He has a wide range of topics that he covers from PTSD to the Reel Teens Pgh. Kris also serves as a WQED CAB member.
Mindy Bacon
Board Member
Mindy is a seven-year Penn Hills resident by way of Texas where she lives with her boyfriend and two canine kids. She is currently an Events Coordinator at Party Savvy and has over 15 years of retail management experience. Mindy is infectiously passionate for community service, animal rights, military veterans and she makes a mean-ass queso.
Courtney Brenner
Amelia Eggan
Keith Portugal
Board Member
Ian Lavanish
Board Member
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