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BOB Project, Inc. provides charitable and educational programming for children, veterans, and community development projects. 

B.O.B. Project Inc. is a movement to"Bring Out the Best" in our community. Named after Robert O'Mahony or "BOB, "my father, who helped all he came in contact with, my mother Charlotte Rorison O'Mahony by his side initiating positive change.


I learned that passion is priceless and productive, so we started utilizing our strengths and developing a secure network of volunteers who desire to Bring Out the Best in all they do.  


Every individual has value, and many of our projects are exceptionally therapeutic.  We are inspiring neighbors, businesses, groups, and organizations to connect.  We are an inclusive group that works within a realm of all things positive creating and strengthening communities. 



Shawn O'Mahony - Founder / President / CEO

BOB Project Organizational Pillars

Sustainability and Wellness

The health and wellbeing of our community and its environment affecting our collective ability to innovate and capacity to lead.

Broad Education

Education that expands and enhances disciplines of the mind and makes it the master of its own powers, irrespective of the norms one may follow.  Creativity, open innovation and artistic expression imperative to our growth.


What "Brings Out the Best" and brings us together our interests, sense of belonging, practices and circumstances.  This space or communications platform may be identified by geographic or virtual space.

Workforce Development

Support of individuals, volunteers and potential partners in asking them to collaborate in gaining knowledge to improve the capacity of positions to continually train and improve deliverable services.

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